Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well begun is half done.

If Mary Poppins is right, then I'd say the semester is half over. Actually, we're a week and a half in. The add deadline has passed, so the enrollment has stabilized and much of the initial business (explaining rules and assignments) is over. I have a good group of students all 'round, though I worry about the 3:40 class's sleepiness--it's a bit soon in the semester to start that. My British Lit students seem enthused about the material, especially but not only the Austen fans. I'm looking forward to starting Pride and Prejudice this week.

The big challenge so far has been technology. I have one computer classroom where I have an instructor's computer with ethernet, but everywhere else I've been struggling with the extremely slow WiFi which often prevents me from loading Blackboard. One of my classes had no technology, but another lecturer graciously switched with me--hurrah! One class just has a Smart Board, which means the students on the far side of the room can't see anything. I may have to break down and actually hand out papers in that class.

Oh, and I have a cold. Ah-choo!

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